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Universal knife fruit knife kitchen knife

Universal knife fruit knife kitchen knife

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Damascus steel, anciently known as Uzi steel, is the superior steel for making swords. This steel has a special pattern on the surface when casting into a sword - Muhammad (a unique wave pattern on each knife surface), so It is a cast-type pattern steel belonging to the pattern steel, which is different from the welded pattern steel formed by folding forging, because the pattern can make the blade microscopically form a saw tooth (which cannot be distinguished by the naked eye), making the sword sharper.

Modern Damascus steel is made from a forging process and is usually forged with complementary steel. Such a combination of soft and hard materials forged steel has both toughness and extremely high hardness. The singularity of the general steel will result in a situation in which both toughness and hardness cannot be considered at the same time. And Damascus steel is made of multi-layer forging, its density is larger than that of ordinary steel, and the forged tool is very weighty. Damascus steel forged tools are more resistant to rust.

[name]: 5 inch Damascus universal knife / chef knife / gift box
[blade]: VG-10 steel core Damascus 67 steel / special auspicious clouds
[handle]: red and black color wooden handle double steel head
[HRC]: 60-62
[Features]: sharp and durable; healthy and environmentally friendly; light and labor-saving, the chef is best used!
[Sharpness level]: 5.4-6.0N cutting force (special level)

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