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Three-in-one multi-function Bluetooth player

Three-in-one multi-function Bluetooth player

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Material ABS + silicone
  Number of lamp beads 8PCS (warm color)
  Input voltage 5V2A
  Output current 0.5-2A
  Wireless charging power 5-7.5W
  Adapter voltage 220V
  Speaker power 3.5W
  Impedance 4Ω
  Sensitivity 86dB
  Frequency response 105Hz-20kHz
  Signal to noise ratio > 80dB
  Bluetooth chip JL
  Bluetooth version 4.2

  Instructions for use
  1. A mobile phone that supports wireless charging can be charged directly on the base, and the mobile phone can be charged horizontally or vertically.
  2. The mobile phone can be connected to Bluetooth to play music, while supporting USB to play music.
  3. The touch switch can control the LED light mode and turn off.
  4. There is a USB output interface on the back, which can support charging of other electronic devices.
  5. The front phone holder allows you to watch videos while charging the phone.

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