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Sports Camera Accessories Set Photography Accessories

Sports Camera Accessories Set Photography Accessories

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Product information:

Product Name: Sports Camera Accessories Set
Applicable models: Sports cameras, photography accessories
Colour: Black
Feature: Sports Camera Accessories

Package Contents:

Large storage bag*1
Screw wrench*1
0 type clip*1
Helmet mount*1
Long and short connection*2 pairs
Anti-fog film*144
A plastic headband*1
B chest strap*1
Remote control belt*1
Bicycle clip*1
Helmet strap*1
Quick plug base *3
Quickly insert J seat*2
Flat base *4
Round bottom glue*4
Curved base *4
Square bottom glue*5
Safety buckle*2
Three opening wrist strap*1
Buoyancy rod*1
Storage bag*3
Selfie stick*1
Long screw *107cm long
Suction cup* 1
Short screw*2.
Car holder*1
Octopus tripod*1
Helmet bending pole*1
Silver two-section tripod*1

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