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Space-saving Kitchen Refrigerator Egg Storage Box

Space-saving Kitchen Refrigerator Egg Storage Box

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Automatic rolling egg storage rack, with a large opening and tilt design, the remaining eggs will automatically roll off after being taken out, which is convenient for next use. Built-in anti-collision silica gel, the egg will not break after the collision.
The stackable design allows you to utilize all fridge space without crushing the eggs. The container's sturdy cover allows stacking for extra fridge storage space.

Product Category: Egg Storage Box
material: plastic
Specific material: PP
The proportion of new plastic materials: 100% new materials
Commodity features: can be superimposed, with divisions
Function: Organize
Storage scene: living room, dining room, kitchen, table
Scope of application: eggs
Style: Creative
pattern: plain
Capacity: 20 cells per layer
Specification: 27.5*22.5*7.5cm
Color: off-white

Package Content:
Storage box*1

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