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Kitchen Wallmounted Kitchen Knife Storage Rack

Kitchen Wallmounted Kitchen Knife Storage Rack

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Product information:

Item No.: Tool Holder
Material: Stainless steel


A standard HK40-L300ļ¼š L300*W40 mm

B standard HK40-L400ļ¼šL400*W40 mm

C standard HK40-L500ļ¼šL500*W40 mm

D upgrade HK40-L300ļ¼šupgradeĀ L300*W40 mm

E upgrade HK40-L400ļ¼š upgradeĀ L400*W40 mm

F upgrade HK40-L500ļ¼šupgradeĀ L500*W40 mm

G upgrade HK40-L600ļ¼šupgrade L600*W40 mm

H foreign trade upgrade model HK40-L300 :Ā  foreign tradeĀ  upgradeĀ  L300*W40 mm

I foreign trade upgrade model HK40-L400 :Ā  foreign tradeĀ  upgradeĀ  L400*W40 mm

J foreign trade upgrade model HK40-L500 :Ā  foreign tradeĀ  upgradeĀ  L500*W40 mm

K standard model HK30-L300ļ¼šstandardĀ L300*W30 mm

L standard model HK30-L400ļ¼šstandardĀ L400*W30 mm

M standard model HK30-L500ļ¼šstandardĀ L500*W30 mm

Packing list:

Stainless steel knife holder*1

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