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Alloy Watch Multifunctional

Alloy Watch Multifunctional

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Introducing the Alloy Watch Multifunctional - the ultimate timepiece that does more than just tell time. With its built-in alarm clock and wireless Bluetooth speaker, you can wake up to your favorite tunes and take your music on the go. Never miss a beat with this sleek and versatile watch. %*Don't forget to include the product name "Alloy Watch Multifunctional" as part of the description. It is an important feature of the product and should be mentioned.

Product information:
Color: red, green, black, silver, colorful, Army Green, Black Gold
Dial diameter: 50mm and above
Mirror material: organic glass mirror
Strap material: PU
Dial shape: round
Watchcase material: Alloy

Packing list:
Watch * 1


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