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3D Night Light

3D Night Light

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Illuminate your space with our 3D Night Light. Experience a unique and immersive lighting experience with its innovative 3D design. Add a touch of creativity and ambiance to any room, while enjoying the energy efficiency of LED technology. Perfect for any night owl or anyone looking for a stylish night light option.

Product Name: 3D Creative Unicorn Series Night Light

Product power: 2.0W

 Product voltage: 5V

Product weight: 0.35KG

Switching mode: colorful touch switch, colorful touch + remote control, three colors + touch

Single belt box size: 23*16*5CM

Product acessories: 

 1. Colorful touch: Yake board *1 ABS base *1 USB data cable *1 English manual *1 

 2. Colorful touch + remote control: Yake board *1 ABS base *1 USB data cable *1 Multi-function remote control *1 English manual *1

 3. Three-color touch: Acrylic board *1 ABS base *1 USB data cable *1 English manual *1

A: tricolor + touch

B: Colorful + Touch + Remote Control

C: Colorful + Touch

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